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yogaspirit® certifications are unique yogic programs that aim to cultivate the healer and master within you. For information about the yogaspirit® training programs, learn more here »



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Yoga of Love Using the principles of meditation and contemplation increase your capacity to understand your inner nature and to relate deeply to those you love. Raise your love vibrations with Kim and Jim Povey. Learn more >>

Yoga of Archery There has always been a connection between yoga and archery. Both cultivate mindful attention, concentration and skill in action. Whereas the yogi works with precise alignment, breath and drishti (focus) in asana, the archer uses . Learn more >>

Total Woman  "Be the Remedy" (chapter by Kim Valeri) will be published and available on Amazon! This new book anthology will be released mid August 2019! Edited by Linda Eastman and written by women contributing authors.All are CEO's , experts and leaders in Wellness who share wisdom on how to find balance and self-confidence in relationships, wellness,and business. Stay tuned. 

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