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yogaspirit® certifications are unique yogic programs that aim to cultivate the healer and master within you. For information about the yogaspirit® training programs, learn more here »




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Teacher Certification with Suzanne Silvermoon 

These sessions and weekend modules are conducted in the serene and natural setting at Cedar Sanctuary Retreat Center. It is a lovely location to study the teachings of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda while also enjoying lush greenery, peaceful and the calm environment. Yogaspirit therapeutic alignment-based program sets the ground work for Learn more >>

Total Woman  "Be the Remedy" (chapter by Kim Valeri) Edited by Linda Eastman and written by women contributing authors. All are CEO's , experts and leaders in Wellness who share wisdom on how to find balance, self-confidence in relationships, wellness,and business.  Order your signed copy. Includes tax and shipping.


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