What to expect in your session

Depending on your needs, an initial visit will begin with an analysis to determine your unique mind/body constitution as well as any imbalances. This will be done through medical history, intake evaluation, observation of yoga postures, diet and lifestyle questionnaires. You will have ample time to share your concerns about what is effecting your current state of well-being.

On your second and subsequent follow-up sessions, a unique treatment plan will be developed for you based on the initial assessment to bring you back into a state of balance and help you achieve your goals.

Yoga Therapy recommendations range to include diet, rest, lifestyle, herbal supplements, yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques, aromatherapy, marma chikitsa (similar to acupressure), yogic mind/body techniques and pranic energy healing. You will be provided with full support on how to effectively implement these into your routine to bring about lasting results.

The goal of these sessions is to educate and support you with tools that can bring you more in tune with your body, mind and spirit for optimal health and happiness. Ayurveda

& Yoga are part of each other. Ayurveda supports the mind through the body and yoga supports the body through the mind.

yoga therapy & ayurveda wellness can promote the following health concerns and more:

  • Increased Energy & Vitality

  • Better Sleep

  • Achieve Ideal Body Weight

  • Reduce Stress, Pain & Tension

  • Improve Digestion Issues 
  • Reduce Menopausal Symptoms

  • Improve Nutrition, High Cholesterol, etc

  • Improve Emotional Well-Being

  • Gain More Clarity, Insight & Positive Outlook

  • Improve Strength, Tone & Flexibility 
  • Rebalance & Rehabilitate Structural Misalignments

  • Improve Pain Management of Chronic Conditions

  • Create Greater Harmony in Your Relationships

  • Improve Your Sense of Value and Life Purpose 

Understanding Ayurveda & Yoga for healing

Ayurveda teaches us how to have a lifestyle that is more in-tune with the nature's natural rhythm. There are routines for the cycles of the day, the month and the year. It even teaches us how to flow with the cycles of our life more smoothly (such as the process of aging, menstrual cycle, etc).

When one begins to attune him or herself with these cycles, he or she may see dramatic shifts in overall well-being. Problems we thought we had may seem to disappear or diminish; we come to realize it was not a problem that existed, but simply that we were out of sync with nature and the body's natural rhythm.

Different forms of yoga & meditation may be more suitable for different dosha types and can be extremely useful for bringing balance into life. It can help to strengthen one's body, focus the mind, clear blocked energy. Yoga asana (poses) is excellent for one's posture, and by learning how to be more in tune with our bodies, can help alleviate symptoms from various conditions.

And, Yoga is for everyone. Even if one is very inflexible or has a limited range of movement, Yoga can be beneficial. There are modified poses and variations for different limitations. You can even start by focusing on your breath, taking slow, deep inhales and exhales to relax yourself, and you will be doing yoga. Yoga postures (asana) is excellent because it helps to tune the body into alignment for proper symmetry creating balance within the nervous system.

According to Ayurveda, food is medicine. Food and spices found in your kitchen are the first line of defense and provide the most effective means to help bring the body back into balance and support overall health. Nutrition is highly individualized in Ayurveda. What may be good for one person to eat may not be beneficial to another. Each person's unique constitution must be considered when putting together a meal plan, as well as the state of any imbalances he/she is experiencing.

Kim Valeri
“Healing is when we feel secure and at peace within ourselves. The process of transforming thoughts, feelings, perceptions, lifestyle, physiology and cellular memory to maintain this state of inner harmony is called healing. All healing leads to greater realization of self, others and true happiness.” -Kim Valeri

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