I recently participated in a Ten Week Transformation Makeover with Kim Valeri. As I have been navigating an incredibly difficult time in my life, Kim provided steady support and beautifully intuitive healing that helped me to stay on my feet throughout the process.  She held space for me as I stumbled along, always available to offer what was needed.  What was truly remarkable was that there was not a specific protocol - no set limitations or rules to follow- for my transformation. When I was seeking help, she quickly responded with a variety of tools (which stretched beyond yoga to include archery, YouTube videos and astrology!) to meet me exactly where I was, in a language I could understand.  Most importantly, she shared stories and laughter in a wonderful spirit of friendship and connection.  The ten weeks were full of challenges, but the sacred space that Kim created helped me navigate with a feeling of safety and assurance that no matter what happened, I would be stronger for the experience.  Thank you Kim, and Namaste!
- Meredith Lederer, CT

It is with great gratitude that I was able to train with Saskia Bergman Smith at Your Yoga Community Center Hamden, Connecticut. I invite you and encourage you to spread the message of Yogaspirit Teacher Trainings at Your Yoga Community Center. The testimonial I would like to share is that Saskia Smith I found to be a very knowledgeable Yoga Instructor with a compassionate, caring, and supportive teaching style. Saskia's thoughtful and mindful presence resonates and inspires from the ability to explain and display how to teach Asana practice safely. I also would like to add that I had the pleasure to be in classes taught by Deborah Swann Yogaspirit teacher trainer who reinforced the care and compassion and support of Yogaspirit alumni and teacher training faculty and community at Your Yoga Community Center

"Kim Valeri is the Real Deal". 

That was the quote that was mentioned to me when I mentioned where/who I was training with to Sal Nunz (musician, yoga instructor and Yogaspirit alumnus). 

"You're on the right path brother."

These are the kind of statements I received from fellow instructors when asked about my yoga training. Kim Valeri I believe to hold a key to many yoga instructor's doorways to teaching yoga and with the support of Kim Valeri, Saskia Bergman Smith and Yogaspirits, Jennifer Broscious and Your Yoga Community Center you shall find the training, support, and mentoring to develop your yoga practice, teaching, and community. I highly recommend Yogaspirits Teacher Training, Saskia Bergman Smith, Yogaspirits and Your Yoga Community Center.

-Sean Weir, West Haven CT

While I was prepared to learn to teach yoga, I did not know that I was called to a journey that would transform, heal, grow, empower and propel me forward in life. Kim Valeri, an incredibly authentic, patient and compassionate soul, walks with you on the path towards enlightenment about yoga in all its manifestations, from the details of the biomechanics of asana to the spiritual depths of the Sutras and their teachings. You will learn more than you can imagine about cultivating yourself as a practitioner of yoga in a way that is transformative and will re-frame your future.

You will get a solid technical grounding in ways to safely teach and yet challenge and develop your students as well as exposure to a variety of styles on teachings. One leaves the course with a deep appreciation for the power of yoga (healing, health-promoting, spiritually-enhancing), how to practically and effectively communicate that benefit to students and how to live one's yoga in everyday life.

As a neuroscientist with a strong background in hard sciences, I have been stunned by the power of the work done with the energy centers in the body through asana, the chakras, and Surat Shabda Yoga and its ability to produce well-being on physical, energetic and spiritual levels. In addition, I found my home practice of yoga to be significantly deepened along with the resources and supportive network to carry me further as a teacher.

I came to yogaspirit® Teacher Training wanting to learn to teach and deepen my practice and left with a teacher's voice and a destiny to contribute and benefit others as my role in the world. My gratitude to Kim Valeri and yogaspirit® Teacher Training for this incredible gift is immeasurable. yogaspirit® Teacher Training and the yogaspirit® family is a true sacred community that embraces and empowers all that enters its walls.

- A. Stark, Oak Bluffs MA

Yoga is such a vast subject and Kim's breadth of knowledge is truly remarkable. No matter what questions came up during class she had a ready answer. I loved the way Kim interwove her daily life and her children into her teachings. It brought such a personal touch to the course. She finds lessons in everyday life to share and does it so well.

She is an amazing person, yoga teacher and healer. Just being in her presence is calming and healing. I found the Sacred Life Course the most meaningful and most life changing for me. I have been curious about the other limbs of yoga for many years but didn't know how to go about studying it. She brought it all to life for me. I had been hearing about this course for about five years prior to taking it and it was one of the best gifts I've ever given myself. It enriched my life in so many ways. I met the most amazing group of supportive, friendly, kind people who were also there for the same reasons I was - to enrich their lives, to improve their skills in teaching yoga, to develop more confidence.

This year long training has helped me develop a stronger daily meditation, pranayama and a deeper asana practice. It has given me new ideas to bring to my students and to my own personal practice. All around it has given me more confidence in my strengths and more acceptance for my weaknesses and more confidence in myself as a teacher and a unique person.

- D. Dyer, Casco ME

My experience during this training has been so incredibly rewarding. 
It was more than I could imagine. Kim Valeri has a unique gift, one of being able to not  teach all the various aspects of true yoga practice but to also touch her students in way that allows each one to stretch and grow in ways one never thought was possible.

She is a strong and enlightened soul who shares her gifts with all who are ready and willing to receive them. I would highly recommend this training for any yogi who is looking to grow their practice in so many ways!

- S. Annunziato, Branford CT

The 200 hour yogaspirit® Teacher Training with Kim Valeri has truly changed my life! I am fortunate to have had many wonderful opportunities in my life, and I can honestly say that this has been one of the best. I hope that hundreds or thousands of yogis will have this opportunity to study with Kim and transform their lives emotionally, physically and spiritually.

- T. Altman, Hamden CT

Kim is a remarkably gifted and compassionate teacher with ability to mix the detail of Iyengar style asana taught from a point of safety with the sciences of Ayurveda, Anatomy, Yoga Sutra and Philosophy. Most remarkable is her perspective on Yoga as a Healing Art. She awakens the potential of the "teacher in training" focusing on enriching the individuality and innate gifts of the student.

- D. Swann, Fairfield CT

yogaspirit® Studios 200 Hour Basic Teacher Certification has been so much more than I imagined it was going to be. Instruction included proper alignment, stability and safety in poses, but went well beyond asana. Kim Valeri's program allowed me to explore many different ideas, to be introduced to many styles of yoga, and to learn that yoga is much more than just 'poses'. Kim also inspired me to learn more about living a healthy life-both in body and in mind, and most importantly, she encouraged me to dig deep within myself to discover who I am and what my goals are. She taught me to breathe, and to take the time I need to be present in my life. Under Kim's guidance, I developed a new level of self-awareness and confidence which I will bring with me as I embark upon my teaching career. All of this was done in a caring, safe and comfortable environment whether I was studying in Massachusetts, Maine or Connecticut. Kim's additional Teaching Staff is excellent; each is well-trained in their field, and each has their own brilliant individuality and abilities. The energy in the classes was palpable, flowing from each of us and coming together with Kim's unique capacity to center, contain and refine. I would highly recommend this program to all those seeking self discovery and a desire to be a well-educated yoga instructor!

- M. Abell, Beverly MA

As a recent graduate of yogaspirit® Studios' 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my teacher, Kim Valeri, for a wonderful year of growth and transformation. My yogaspirit training was a joyful experience and I would highly recommend this training to any yoga student looking to deepen and enrich their practice. Kim Valeri is not only an experienced and graceful yoga practitioner, but she is also a talented educator and mentor. Our yogaspirit® curriculum included a well-rounded overview of asana, pranayama, and meditation, as well as a stimulating exploration of guiding yogic principles to live by. Kim teaches her students to move and flow with confidence and grace, to breathe deeply, and to live each day with gratitude and compassion. In her kind and gentle way, Kim Valeri will broaden your worldview, open your heart, and inspire you to be your best self! Namaste to the staff of yogaspirit® Studios!

- J. King, Durham CT

Who knew that becoming a yoga teacher would change my life?

I started the yogaspirit® studios yoga teacher training in October 2009 to become a teacher. Yet I learned so much more. My yoga practice deepened and I became more aware of my own body, thus allowing me to help my future students. During the training, I achieved several long time goals.. I can now do headstand! This is due to Kim Valeri's precise teaching method. She showed me something that no other teacher showed me. This will allow me to help others achieve the same goal.

The training also deepened by spiritual practice as well. My decade long meditation practice changed while I was in the training. I am now doing a selfless meditation practice for the people that suffer in my daily life. The things I learned in Kim's training reinforced things I have been studying for the last 11 years, awakening me to new realizations and reconfirming that I was on the right path. Yoga has changed my life!

While I was in the training, three things happened in my personal life as well. The first was that I got a promotion in my job. No mean feat in these hard economic times! This led me to be able to afford my own condo. Once again, no mean feat these days! Lastly, I was able to combine playing my guitar and singing thanks to this training. Now I am no John Lennon, but I enjoy these two skills in the privacy of my own home. Who knows what the future will hold for me as I extend love, compassion and new yogic knowledge to my students.

- M. Covello, Norwalk CT

Kim Valeri
“Music of the Divine Word is the celestial sound of the Masters presence.” -Kim Valeri