Ayurveda Wellness Session
According to the individualized treatment plan, these sessions can include nutrition, meal planning, spice and herbal therapies, detoxification, purification protocols, and lifestyle balancing strategies. Qualified Wellness Counselors educate, support and empower our clients to make lasting changes toward better health and balance.

Therapeutic Treatments: $120 or $100 for 3 or more

Ayurveda Wellness Session Options
Kim Valeri
“Healing is when we feel secure and at peace within ourselves. The process of transforming thoughts, feelings, perceptions, lifestyle, physiology and cellular memory to maintain this state of inner harmony is called healing. All healing leads to greater realization of self, others and true happiness.” -Kim Valeri

Sessions may also be scheduled in person at these locations:

Whitman Wellness Center



To schedule a private counseling session with Kim Valeri, contact the location you wish to see her at or fill out the 'contact us' page here on our website. 

If you wish to purchase your sessions up front, your payment will alert the office to contact you to set up your appointment.