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The Importance of Advanced Training for Yoga Teachers

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Importance of Advanced Training for Yoga Teachers

By Kim Valeri

Founder & CEO Yogaspirit® Studios


As a yoga teacher, your students will be looking to you to show them the way to natural health; how to be the “living remedy” and how to practice the art of yoga safely; how to implement a life of moderation, fulfillment and activism, to feel you can give of your generous spirit and attract those things that will support you without getting depleted or sacrificing yourself in the process.

We live in a time of uncertainty, easily provoked by fear and confusion in a state of separateness. We often worry about the future. Our stress is contributing to depression, addiction and anxiety like never before. It is empowering to be able to navigate in a stressful world and teach how this great art and science can support us during a time of great ascension, transformation and connection to what truly nourishes us and binds us to all people and our global humanity.

It is important to be able to turn our minds inward and learn to calm any restlessness by building a resilient spirit and connecting to our bodies and our hearts.  Yoga and Ayurveda balances naturally and it is important to know how these great sciences can be shared for prevention and complete wellness.

Seasoned mentors who have lived first-hand through obstacles that arise in the yoga teaching profession can be invaluable for 200 hour teachers. Especially if the mentor can guide you with student teaching, advanced asana, advanced philosophy, advanced anatomy, advanced meditation, spiritual awaking, studio ownership, teacher training program development, growing a practice of private clients and how to balance yoga and life on and off the mat!  Your life, livelihood, relationships, family, vision and destiny all express your natural state of wholeness. Karmas take on resolution as deep rooted seeds get dissolved and obstacles are freely removed.

Yogaspirit® Studios was one of the first waves of schools to be registered with the Yoga Alliance back in 2000 and is still certifying teachers today. I have watched teachers graduate from a variety of trainings. Some are excellent. Some are stronger than others. Many times students retake their 200 hour training feeling that although they got great personal growth experiences, they lacked feeling confident as a teacher. Some of them never got introduced to the Yamas and Niyamas or graduated feeling insufficient on how to work with beginner students sequencing safely formatted classes.

Yogaspirit® offers a progressive curriculum that builds upon methods woven throughout its 200, 300 and even 800 hour curriculum. Unique to our school, Yogaspirit® trains yoga professionals to work with the individual ayurvedic constitution and unique physical needs of a student. Professionals are trained to understand the nature of the student’s mind and state of consciousness according to Vedic teachings and how to work with various afflictions in the classroom and while working in a private sessions.

As a teacher it is helpful to have mentors who have walked the path of personal transformation and understand realization and liberation according to the vedic teachings.  The lamp of knowledge can then light the way for other individuals on their journey from a state of imbalance (roga) to a state of union (yoga) according to the Yogic teachings.

Are you currently a Yoga Teacher and would like to take your teaching to another level?

If you are currently a 200 hour Yoga Teacher you have been practicing for several years and most likely on a journey that has begun to change your body, your relationships and your life for the better. Maybe you are practicing pranayama and meditation regularly or still find that your restless mind has difficulty centering regularly on your own. You probably learned in your Teacher Training program that although you learned so much about yoga there is still much more to learn!

Yogaspirit’s 300 hour program has 30 advanced asanas, new assists and modifications as well as established methods of teaching that build upon a solid 200 hour foundation. In the event you took another teacher training this is still a great opportunity to learn how to advance your students beyond Yogaspirit’s 8 characteristics of the beginner body by teaching to the 9 attributes of the seasoned practitioner. You will discover the same poses you’ve been teaching to beginners but also be cued differently based on characteristics and attributes. You will begin to see the framework for therapeutic yoga applications especially when we take anatomy and biomechanics much deeper.

You will learn strategies for linking poses and creating workshops, better understand anatomy and body systems, teach meditation as well as how to grow your private yoga business.

How can Yogaspirit advanced trainings make a difference?

This course will also focus on your personal spiritual growth through learning the inner practices and understanding how spiritual energy is activated by your prana and consciousness. We will study the Sutras and explore how to naturally apply more Ayurveda into your life and practice.

You will gain experience with the mystical side of yoga and learn about the Siddhas and the esoteric teaching you only learn once you’ve established a firm inner practice of pranayama and meditation. The last two chapters of the Yoga Sutras will be a great focus as well as samyama and integration of the last three limbs of raja yoga. Shabda, Naadam and vibrational sound will provide a platform for alchemy and energetic transmission so habits and tendencies setting you back or sabotaging your life can get liberated.

You will acquire the flexible and strong qualities: Acceptance, being humble, practicing patience, being compassionate, forgiving, adaptable, cooperative, collaborative, as well as refined, restrained, discerning, resilient, steadfast and courageous speaking without fear from the heart.  Yogis know how to take yoga off the mat and into life and how to live in love and genuine joy.

What yogaspirit advanced training can do for you.  This is what you will get.

You will learn from Yoginis who have been practicing, staying educated and living their yoga for over 30 years! I have over 30 Years of experience living, teaching and leading in the business of Yoga and Ayurveda. In addition, my teaching is accessible and transformative. The curriculum is grounded in practical examples of what it is like to be a modern day spiritual householder while raising a blended family with a yogi husband and five children (spanning 6 generations). I have devoted my life to healing and training others to be part of the “living remedy” so needed at this time on the planet.  Elaine O’Rourke, E-RYT500, C-IAYT has a deep perspective and understanding of the many facets of yoga and has assisted me for many years at Yogaspirit. She is a Sound Healer, Yoga Therapist and EFT Coach Jennifer Yarro, E-RYT 500, joyously shares the practices of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Meridian Yoga, and Thai Yoga Massage. Founder of the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage and owner of Frog Lotus Yoga, she directs 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings in the US and worldwide, as well as serving as adjunct faculty for numerous programs teaching advanced skills in anatomy, assisting asana, and Thai Yoga Massage. Visit Jennifer at