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Tuesday, June 02, 2015
yogaspirit® Studios & Kerala Ayurveda® Academy welcome this special month of June with warmth, wishing Fathers a joyful Father's Day.

June 21st is also a historic moment for our community: it is the first International Day of Yoga as declared by the United Nations. It is also a moment in human growth to celebrate, for it marks a profound evolution in our consciousness.

Our world is brought into action by the dynamic masculine principle which leads and directs, and whose growth the feminine principle supports and nurtures. When unified and in harmony, these synergistic energies inform and blend with each other creating a yoga which can make great miracles happen! Conflicted, these energies fight for dominance, control and divide our world.

Unity Day day represents what yogis practice, which is to humble the ego out of conflicting power struggle and guide it to a place of new spiritual leadership - a place within that allows the blending of these synergistic energies to co-create a new world order. The healing and nurturing power that wants to support the people of this planet and raise our personal potential is accessible to each of us when we raise our human consciousness and align to our highest potential.

Let's move mountains together!

Blessings, Kim
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