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Keep the flame of lady liberty alive

Friday, July 03, 2015
yogaspirit® Studios & Kerala Ayurveda® Academy wish you a Happy Independence Day this 4th!

Freedom and Liberation have special meaning for yogis all over the world. Yogis know how to set themselves free from the destructive tendencies that sabotage a healthy and productive life. Through the use of discipline and increased will power, yogis transform poor habits, improving personal and social wellness.

Yogis know how to remain resilient even through adversity and conflict by using the wisdom of our ancient yoga and ayurveda traditions to reduce stress and soften harshness, all while staying open and receptive to intuitive understanding, vibrations of goodwill, compassion, and joy.

Here in New England {where I spend most of my time} I will be celebrating the American National Independence Day with my friends and neighbors, but in my heart I will be celebrating the spirit of this holiday with all of you everywhere.

I salute you, yogis and aspiring yogis this July 4th. Let us unite in celebration of those who have made the journey to find within themselves a true and lasting peace, thus finding the freedom capable of creating justice and goodwill for all.

Let's keep the flame of lady liberty burning bright!

Blessings, Kim
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