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I left my heart in India

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

by Lauren Rutigliano

In January, 2014, I traveled to Bangalore, India to experience the rejuvenating and healing energies of the deeply rooted heritage of Kerala Ayurveda, India, its peoples and its sister sciences of yoga and Ayurveda.

Through my participation in a Sacred India Retreat, I awoke to the beautiful existence of an inherent innocence, simplicity and contentment among the people.  There is something about the culture that conveys a deep sense of almost childlike innocence and joy.

To this day, when I talk about the experience, I can only think, How wonderful the people are in India!  They are so wonderful, in fact that when I was about to leave, I told Vinay that I was going to leave part of my heart in India, to which he responded, We will take good care of your heart until you return.

Now, that I am blessed to be planning my return to India, I have reconnected with Vinay who reports that my heart is well and in this beautiful, innocent manner reminisces to me, I remember how you looked like a beautiful goddess in your sari with your henna.

I am looking forward to my return, reconnecting with that piece of my heart they have been taking good care of since I last left a part of my heart in India, and the gift of sharing this experience with others attending the retreat.  As my healing journey has taken me deeper into my own nature, I reflect upon that deep sense of connection with Nature that I experienced waking up each morning at AyurvedaGram, feeling a part of the world around me.  Waking up to the roosters and the mosques’ calls to prayer, I felt connected.  I felt present and connected with the spirit of Divine Nature. 

I have come to see the journey to India as the opposing duality to the pace, rhythm and general tendencies of my life in American culture.  Perhaps my visit to India provided a necessary balance of yin to yang.  Prior to India, I had never felt so connected with Nature, and from that point of connection, I was able to connect with something even larger than Nature, that dwells inside of us. 


Seeing how connected to their Divine Nature the Indian people are, inspired a similar connection within me, a communion with something bigger than ourselves.  In stark contrast to an empty life of commercialism and hurried days, I felt a welcome participant in the colorful Indian culture, so full of intrinsic beauty, and that deep connection to their divine nature that flows with grace, gratitude and generosity. 

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