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Healthcare in the United States is changing. Health science has evolved to encompass our beliefs, our emotions, our behavior, our thoughts, and our family and cultural systems, as well as the environment context in which we live. All of these elements are relevant to our health.

Join us and get involved in this pioneering work that is transforming and reshaping our healthcare industry to a newer model of holistic healthcare for the 21st century.

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Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Certification

Our vision and mission: To provide high-quality, individualized Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy education and to guide students on the path of learning, connecting the ancient wisdom from Yoga and Ayurveda to the world today.

Our Purpose: Support the evolution and healing of human consciousness, health and wellness across the globe. As one person is transformed in health and well-being, their family, friends, community and the world benefits.

Our Commitment: To honor the uniqueness and the potential of each individual. Yogaspirit® recognizes that we are all connected in the family of humanity and with respect we honor all yogic lineages and spiritual traditions. Through our valued relationships with global partners and practitioners, we are committed to sharing the teachings, principles and philosophies of Yogaspirit® for the benefit of generations to come. Our global network of leaders, students, mentors and faculty will inspire the communities they are serving by providing benefit to others through Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy.


Welcome to Yogaspirit® Studios

Yogaspirit® Studios invites you to take part in a journey through the world of Yoga and Ayurveda. With our carefully developed trainings, our students experience authentic Yogic teachings that enhance personal growth and transformation.

Our goal is to continue to promote the most authentic and comprehensive Yoga and Ayurveda teachings in the United States and abroad in conjunction with our partner Academies. With our developed programs and strategic partnerships, Yogaspirit® Studios brings experienced faculty committed to providing the highest quality of education and services to our students and alumni.

The intention of Yoga and Ayurveda is to treat the mind and body with preventative lifestyle medicine adapted to the specific needs of each individual. All treatments are considered complimentary to modern medicine, however Yoga and Ayurveda work well at identifying and treating the root cause level of disease before there is even a symptom. In our modern world, Yoga and Ayurveda recognize the benefit of working alongside western medicine traditions for a complete wellness healthcare model.

Yogaspirit® Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Certification

Both Ayurveda and Yoga understand that all disease is rooted in the mind. Healing works by transforming physical pain and emotional or mental suffering that comes from a deeply rooted sense of incompleteness and separation within mind, body and spiritual consciousness. To bring about wholeness and healing, various Yogaspirit® Mind/Body Therapies including active listening, guided self-inquiry, mantra, spiritual exercises and life guidance are used to liberate your life to bring balance and happiness.

The intention of Yogaspirit® Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist program places special emphasis on understanding how the mind influences the body and how clients' attitudes, habits and tendencies aid or hinder in the healing process. Our Therapists are trained to consider each client's state of consciousness, their willing, thinking and feeling faculties and to provide Vedic counseling to support their healing process.

The primary philosophical foundation lies in understanding that each person has within them the innate intelligence to heal. This innate intelligence is part of the same consciousness that binds us to the natural world and connects us in harmony with each other. We are either aligned to this innate faculty of healing and can restore natural functioning to the mind/body/spirit system or we are separated from it causing greater imbalances to one’s Constitution which in turn starts the process of disease to the bodily tissues.


Yogaspirit® accepts a limited number of students in each class. It is desirable to have a high school diploma or equivalent. A 200 Hour Certification from a Yoga Alliance Registered school meeting Yogaspirit® basic acceptance requirements assessed Yogaspirit® school's Entrance Exam is the first prerequisite. The School Director will evaluate the Entrance Exam to determine if the Bridge Course(s) are required as a prerequisite.


In addition, students must have completed the following, which can be accomplished concurrently: one year of teaching experience; and one year of personal practice of yoga (asana and inner practices). Students with BS degrees in any field or Certified/Licensed Practitioners in a health-related field Ayurvedic Counseling or Practitioner, Counseling, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Nursing, Naturopathy and Allopathic Medicine, etc. are welcome and may be able to transfer some college level course credits to portions of the program.

Students entering with an Ayurveda Health/Wellness Counselor (AHC or AWC) or Practitioner (AWP) Certification from one of our Academy partners will be able to transfer all applicable segments pertaining to the Ayurveda Requirements of Yogaspirit®’s Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy. Any student with an AHC equivalent certification from a National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) accredited school may be eligible to transfer applicable credits towards the Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist Program. (Please see Transfer Policy for more details).

Bridge Programs

We recognize that many eligible candidates may be transferring to Yogaspirit® Studios from other registered 200 Hour Schools. The Deepening Asana™ and/or Sacred Life™ courses serve as bridge programs for individuals transferring into our Yoga Therapy Program. Prior to taking the bridge requirement(s), students will be asked to take a Bridge Equivalency Entrance Exam to assess his or her knowledge of subtle body anatomy, biomechanics and functional anatomy in yoga asana and yoga philosophy. In the case of transferring prior credit hours, the student will participate in an interview process with the Enrollment Advisor or Program Director. This consideration for transferring prior credit hours will be determined based on transcripts and equivalency exams.

Transferring Credits to Yogaspirit

Yogaspirit® accepts credit hours from prior learning on the subject areas of Ayurveda, Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology. Yogaspirit® School of Ayurveda and Yoga accepts transfer credits from graduates who have taken courses from a NAMA approved school.  Our primary Ayurvedic strategic partner is Kerala Ayurveda Academy. If you have a transcript from a different Ayurveda School, the Director will look at your syllabus and transcripts during the admission interview to determine if classes are transferrable.

Due to Yogaspirit®'s Ayurveda Yoga Chikitsa being offered as a separate five day program outside of this Therapist Certification, you may receive a full transfer along with a fee adjustment accordingly for classes AYC 01 and AYC 02. Proof of attendance and certification will be on file at Yogaspirit®

The total partner academy transferred hours is 337.5, of which 300 hours is Distant Learning Hours. Clinical Intensive week is a residential week of which 37.5 hours is transferred. The maximum number of transferrable Distant Learning Hours according to IAYT Guidelines is 300 hours. For Students who have completed prior learning with a partner Academy,  some distant hours may actually be residential hours depending on where graduate attended. Learning may be broken down in the category of Residential or Synchronous (Live Streaming) Distant Learning. If students attended at the filming location, hours will be accounted as Residential. If the student attended home through Live Streaming, hours will be considered as Synchronous Distant Learning.

For Prior Learning from other 200 hour schools of Yoga:

An Entrance Exam is given to each student applying to the Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Program. The exam is designed to assess students’ knowledge of biomechanics, understanding and knowledge of Modifications as well as philosophical knowledge. Students will be required to present all prior documentation to the Director at time of interview.

If the Director determines that student needs to attend a Bridge Program(s) to fill gaps of learning, Bridge Programs are available to students. The IAYT competencies charts mentioned above will be used in the assessment.

“Healing is when we feel secure and at peace within ourselves. The process of transforming thoughts, feelings, perceptions, lifestyle, physiology and cellular memory to maintain this state of inner harmony is called healing. All healing leads to greater realization of self, others and true happiness.” -Kim Valeri, Founder

“Yoga is the moment when you realize you exist in the wholeness of life between breaths. Liberation is living your life from this awareness. Love, heal, connect, interact, be you!” -Kim Valeri
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